Safety instructions

Safety instructions

How to reduce the risk of serious injury, read these instructions before use.




AQWASEAT is designed to offer convenient, in-pool seating for those who are capable swimmers without any assistance of life jackets, floaties, raft, etc. AQWASEAT should NOT be used by non-swimmers!

Do NOT use the seat for children under the age of 16.

Be sure that you are familiar with the following safety information before using your AQWASEAT.

Make sure all body parts, especially your fingers, are clear of the grip when the AQWASEAT is placed on the pool border or pool deck and in use.

For build-in pools the grip on the deck can create an obstacle for others above you on the pool deck.

Pool borders and pool decks can vary in size and shape. The AQWASEAT should only be used when the grip has complete contact with the pool deck or border.

The AQWASEAT is NOT to be used as a flotation, life-saving, medical, rehabilitation, or rescue device.

Use AQWASEAT with one person at a time.

Do NOT stand on or jump (dive) from AQWASEAT!

Do NOT attempt to use the seat to climb out of the pool.

NEVER use AQWASEAT outside of the pool e.g., as a seat, step, shelf, platform, carrier, etc..

The AQWASEAT can be attached to a pool border or deck; thus users should expect that AQWASEAT could fall into the pool when not placed properly, or the user could fall off the seat, at any time.

The AQWASEAT comes with no user restraints i.e., belts, lines, etc. and no restraints of any kind should ever be added to this product, because this could result in drowning or strangulation. Users need to be able to freely swim away from the AQWASEAT if it ever becomes dislodged from the pool deck.

Safety instructions